A home-made UbiComp laboratory
Sunday, 22 January 2012 01:57

This is a student project currently in progress

Date September 2011
Project members TBD
Supervisor Andrzej Romanowski PhD
Problem One of the major environmental concerns of the present day is the pollution generated by various modes of transport. It is believed that the society can be convinced to switch to public transport and bicycles and novel ways of persuading people to do so are required.
Project description
The task ahead of the student is to design methods that will enable transforming a usual home into an aware home. Of course, this endeavour aims at showing how some of the house’s features can be processed using the presently available technology to make the building more UbiComp-friendly. In essence, the student is supposed to obtain certain data that signifies clearly defined activities inside the house. Thus, a system must be designed and deployed that would garther some input data directly from the house and use algorithmic processing to determine context information.

The idea itself originates from the famous Aware Home built at Georgia Tech. As building a house from scratch here is not an option in this case, this project aims at detecting a narrower spectrum of activities in a tailormade manner. Furthermore, the system must consider a range of services based on the obtained information.
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